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# 13 Greets to you Matthew
06-10-2009, 10:47 AM
Thank You Matthew,
Appreciate you introducing yourself it sure is cool hearing about people that actually get to create for STO.

I hope you have had a chance to play a bit of Everquest II in the past. Out of all the games Ive played the UI that is the slickest, smoothest most customizable and easiest to use is in EQ2.
Ive played Star Wars Galaxies
EQ1 and EQ2
Dungeons and Dragons Online
Guild Wars
and several other MMO's.

SWG's ui is downright clunky.
Im repeating myself but EQ2 is one POLISHED and Amazing interface.
Being able to put every window on the screen exactly where I want to is a great option!
Ive even made every windows back ground transparent so that I can see every bit of eye candy in EQ2 that I can.
Hot Key bars are so totally customizable and resizable. Ive opened atleast 10 and use them in the game.
True you have not only the ground areas but space flight too to design. I think that as long as you stay away from any SWG simularities and allow Eq2 customization functions then STO will be a most excellent and fun game.