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09-24-2012, 03:22 AM
Originally Posted by montroc View Post
The annoying thing is, that without a fixed "Night of the Comet" (after trying to get through the whole first part with the glitched pathfinding) the storyline missions do not advance, since you need to complete it to get the next mission from Quinn.
I had this problem too.

That is however not true. As long as you've leveled you can just click 'skip' and you'll get the next mission - while also keeping Night of the Comet in your mission list at that point.

Then go back to it when it's fixed.

The latest patch did seem to break a lot though. I know there were bugs before but they've become more extreme in the past week or so.
A lot of the time I do missions alone since my away team teleports back to a previous turn - then when I engage the NPCs after 2-3 shots they also teleport back to where the away team has gotten stuck.