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Originally Posted by lykum View Post
it just sucks im so pist off about it. tactical character with a tactical cruiser that can't do a whole lot except fight the borg oooOOOuuuOO. leave it to idiot devs who gives all the advantage to the tiny ships that couldn't generate enough power to flush the toilet in the ready room. i don't even feel like i have a big ship really. it's just bigger in looks, and that's just the problem. hoping that 5th tactical console will give the transphasic setup what it needs. my objective is to destroy a tank build. plus a science vessel or two because im running full power insulator
Transphasics are crap... Just so that you know that. You also need to fly the ship as fast as you can. Use Tactical Fleet, Attack Pattern Omega, and Attack Pattern Alpha to get some movement. Deuterum Surplus and Evasive Maneuvers get you going even more.

For fast little ships being annoying come in on them while they are unsuspecting and decloak and rip lose with a full Alpha and they will pop so fast they will not know what happened. The Bortasqu' is an absolutely devastating MONSTER but you need to treat it like a leviathan because that is what it is.

An example of MY setup which works very well: