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09-24-2012, 05:32 AM
Jumping from TS to TS etc, is not going to unify our stance with the devs nor fix or establish a good balanced method of play between players. Which is the immidiate and main concern we're expecting from the Devs. This suggestion comes at your personal cost of letting go of some stubborn nature and past hard feelings in return for some prosperity.

Each fleet will have their own respected area in this TS. There will of course be a general PvP and chat area but at least we're all together. Taking a stance together, communicating together, and ultimately being organized internationally to represent PvP in order to revive and fix it, is our goal.

Because pvp is broken and dying strictly because of us. It's hard to believe, but really, if we go around trolling fleets like ISC (which now is broken up due to internal frustrations regarding pvp and a number of other things) then there will be no communities left.

Coup de grace, battle group atlantis, tos veterans, and a lot more are either gone or about to dissolve.

We are denying ourselves people to play with at this going rate with our attitudes towards one another. That is the blunt and obvious truth to this all. It's up to each and every individual to decide weather to go through with this or not.