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"(The Klingon Empire

The KDF faction has a long history of trying to establish itself and has suffered greatly from the "what is it going to be?" thrash. While there is a passionate contingent of KDF players at max level who want more KDF specific content, there is also a large number of players who pass on playing in the KDF because you cannot build a KDF character as your first. In either case, the KDF wants to feel established and have their own agenda in the game instead of always playing the "foil" to the Feds. The best way we could tackle this issue is to take a ?build it and they will come? attitude and find a way to let players create Klingons as their first and primary character.)"

So this is the Argument - players have to start a Fed character first - therefore we have to market to the Fed base. Until we get levels 1-22 done on th KDF side we can't do very much with the KDF. Ok I get this. How about this then:

When a person reaches the level that they a can start a KDF character why don't you have a big "pop-up" window - like you get when being promoted, that says : "Congratulations you are now eligable to start a Klingon Character - would you like to go to the log in screen and create one? - (option to click OK or Cancel)

Then when they re-login if they clicked cancel you have a window come up - "you are eligable to create a KDF character would you like to now? _ok or cancel - and provide a little check box just like almost every other software that says "do not show this message again" if they don't want to.

If you implimented something like this then I would actually believe you have some intentions to do something with the KDF. If not since this seems to be such and easy implimentation in the meantime, i will believe that you want every player to continue down the path of the biggest money generator(Fed) and don't really want more players moving on to the KDF.

Also the exact same notice could be used if the RSE is brought into the game.

So what is it?
So what do you guys think of my question/idea?