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09-24-2012, 07:49 AM
Originally Posted by baudl View Post
i'm pretty sure it overwrites the first one...are you talking about 2 torpedo tubes? that may be possible, but i'm pretty sure that if you use only one torpedo tube the first will be canceled by the second.
No hes right number of tubes don't matter...

You can preload... any copies of HY that are not the same rank...

So 2 HY 2s... can't be preloads... or 2 HY 1....

However you Can preload HY 1 and HY 2... and fire 1 after the other assuming the pattern doesn't expire before you have another (or the same) tube ready to go again.

You can also preload different types of patterns... meaning
Any Torp Spread... with Any Hy pattern can be loaded at the same time and they will not expire each other.

This is a limitation of the system... it has existed since the game has launched... They are not going to do anything about it ... and frankly nothing is broken... adjust your build... Run High Yield 3 and High Yield 2... or Run Spread 2 and High Yield 2... and you will be fine.