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Ugh, NO. I don't EVER want to touch anything as filthy as "Normal", and I DESPISE tutorials. I'm proud to say I've NEVER played a Normal STF and I don't intend to start. I've watched it done before. You learn nothing from it. Everything people do in Normal is utterly wrong, wrong, wrong. You don't learn to ride a bike by practicing on tricycles.
Then I'm sorry for all those people you ended up with trying new builds (or even learning STFs).

Originally Posted by jkname View Post
If anything, the scrubism would just get worse. Since everything you learn in Normal is WRONG, what you'll get is people who come out of normal and THINK THAT EVERYTHING THAT SUBSEQUENTLY GOES WRONG IS YOUR FAULT, because *THEY* know how this works.
You'll still be much more likely to get the optional in normals using some of the "elite" methods. If a couple optionals were required (on a whole account at once), it might push more people to find the additional info, to find a dedicated channel. And the more people do that, the more players are available for an enjoyable ride.

The whole purpose of that would be to push more players to learn (as many people need to be pushed to learn).
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