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Just a few comments:

- A 3D map so we can place assets better instead of neep switching back and forth between test play and editor.

One of the Devs has commented that this is unlikely due to how the game is set up to render. More of less the the only render mode that could be used for editing (i.e. the one the devs use) is very buggy and very memory intensive. I wouldn't expect to see this in the foreseeable future.

- The interior creator I seen it in foundry for never winter now I want it.

We're getting it, it's just going to take time. Expect it some time after NW launches and the Foundry team has a chance to turn their attention back to STO.

- An easier way of doing puzzles. Have you guys tried to do a password puzzle they can take me weeks to do.

Puzzles are such unique things to each Foundry mission that I don't think you'll see anything as specific as a password puzzle asset. What I do think we'll see is the return of the Dialog with Object objective which would allow us to assign pass/fail dialogs to, say a console.

- More assets and doors into social zones. We still haven't even got statfleet academy yet.

We've been told to expect a push to add more assets to the Foundry. I don't know when. We've also been told that ZeroniousRex will be starting up a request thread at some point, so I would have you're list ready.

- More effects and animations

While effects do tend to be more complicated,, I would add them to the asset list. Especially if they are effects that already exist in-game.

- Triggers need a little work like being able to using triggers to open doors.

This is already somewhat possible by swapping out locked door geometry for unlocked door geometry. Or removing a door. Part of the Neverwinter interior editor is auto-placing doors, and said doors seem to have the ability to be locked/unlocked.

- Spawn and de-spawn NPCs using triggers or not.

You and every other Foundry author ever. I would also love greater control of how they spawn/despawn. All we've been told on this is that there are some technical hurtles to this.

- Destructible objects. Like you have to shoot a create to get into a door.

Also something that would be nice. As far as I'm aware, this has never been commented on by the devs.

- Path nods "Those are having NPCs or contacts follow a path."

We've been told it's coming. At least for NPC groups.

- Patch Notes "Giving us the ability to have patch notes next to our mission description.

This and a number of other properties (such as mission length) would be nice. A lot of authors include these directly in the mission description.

- The ability to have people that plays our mission to subscribe to that author, so they can receive updates on the author even letting that person know they have a new mission from him/her.

It's coming, probably with the Neverwinter stuff.

- Cut-scenes would also be really nice. Ability to create cut-scenes it shows our creative side even further.

The devs have said they would like to add this. No idea when, but it doesn't sound soon. Based on comments it sounds like it might make use of the Demorecord tool.

- Linkable missions as in let's say you have a three part mission and need to link those together.

Good suggestion. On that note though, we may be getting the ability to chair missions together into something like the featured episode series. Not to many details yet, it's just been commented on.

- Branching story "Pretty much is a way to have multiple endings to a mission. Or the story changes.

Long standing request, no comment from the devs yet.

- A way to turn any NPC into friend or foe. so we don't have to create a bunch of costumes.

Another long standing request. I can only hope that the recent expansion of the different types of contact behavior was a sign that things like this may come.

- One last thing... a way to make consoles glow and interact without having it as an mission objective.

If it's an object and it has trigger attached to it, or it has a default dialog, it will glow. There is actually a lot you can do with triggers. Select the object you want to appear/disappear. Under states, select component complete. Choose the console you want to trigger the event.


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