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I know there have been plenty of threads on how to perform Infected Space Elite. And yes, I was new to Elite STFs at one time, too. But here's what happened to me this morning:

I had about 20-25 minutes before I had to get off. I started an Infected Space Elite, all hopeful and looking forward to adding another 1100 dilithium to my bank. I'm in a mirror universe ASSULT cruiser and doing some pretty serious damage. We take out the first three patrols with ease, and I start to settle in thinking, "ahh, this'll be fun."

To my HORROR, someone in what I assume was a tactical escort retrofit shot over to the right side first (confusing, because the rest of us went left first, as most are used to doing). Then, did he attack the cube? NO. He immediately attacked a nanite generator. I thought, ok "ok, this will be fine as long as he stops at 10% damage and we take out the cube." NOPE. He blew the generator before the cube was even down to 75%! Well I knew at that moment that the optional objective would be impossible, of course. But I gritted my teeth and decided to try finishing the mission for the rest of the team, despite that idiot.

The rest of my experience was just pathetic. Of course Nanite Spheres were just pouring out of the gateway. Everyone started to panic and attack spheres (with which they were quickly surrounded), and the cube took forever to take out. I watched the guy who had BLOWN the mission for us attacking REGULAR spheres instead of nanite spheres, so we could at least take out the transformer. I and some of the rest of the team did what we could, but everyone was scattered, no one was focusing fire, and as soon as one Nanite Sphere was gone, another came through the gateway.

Despite everything, I was shocked when...the guy who had blown it for us LEFT!!! He screwed up the mission, made it almost impossible, and then BAILED. Gotta be honest with you, that pissed me off. Well others left very soon after that, including myself. MISSION FAILED.

My point is this...if you are in a team, NEVER just go off half-cocked without knowing what you're doing. Its not fair to the team. I know some people are new to Elite STFs, so they have to learn, but even in Infected Space NORMAL, you learn real quick that you don't blow a nanite generator right away, or the Nanite probes start coming. Now, in normal, you might still win, but that doesn't change the fact that they come when a generator is blown.

FOR ANYONE WHO DOES NOT KNOW, it is a PROVEN tactic in Infected Space Elite that works time after time after time:

Take out the cube above the Nanite Transformer FIRST. Then attack ALL the generators at the SAME TIME. Look around, make sure someone is one each one. If you are a science ship with tractor beam repulsors or gravity well, stay available and watch the gateway.
Get ALL the nanite generators down to about 10% health. This means if you're an escort and you're tearing it up, when you get down to about 12-15%, STOP. Look around and see if a cruiser or someone else is taking theirs down a little slower, and HELP YOUR TEAMMATES. When ALL the generators are around 10% (or less, as long as they are not destroyed yet), PAUSE a sec, make sure everyone is ready, then blow them. Usually two REGULAR spheres will appear and start attacking you. IGNORE THEM. Everyone focus fire on the transformer and it will blow in like 30 seconds. The Nanite spheres will head your way, but you will have plenty of time before they get there. After the transformer is gone, clear out the nanite spheres, then go to the othere transformer on the other side. Wash rinse, repeat. After both transformers are gone using the above procedure, take the gate out first, then the Tactical cube and any other spheres that are left.

Doing it this way, with a good team who knows what they are doing, you can get the whole thing done in less than fifteen minutes, and enjoy the bonus loot!
Sorry for the length, it just really pissed me off to see someone who should KNOW BETTER by the time they are playing Elite, screw it up for everybody. Please tell everyone you know who plays Elite STFs how to to this one correctly. Thanks for letting me rant!