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Originally Posted by nikoagonistes View Post
I posted this in "Bug Reports," but 1)I'm not sure it the right forum for this and 2)I lack the capability to move and/or delete my own threads (even with no replies), so...

According to the normal way the Foundry map tool works, newer objects normally are "above" older ones, even if the older ones have an equal or greater "Y" value on the 2D map where the objects are manually placed.

However, while making a city - a city that already has a lot of objects - I've noticed that when I try to place a new object (whether it be a buidling, detail object, or even a complete mob), it now appears below all the already established objects - inlcuding platforms (that I plan to use for streets and such), and buildings. Which makes it very, very tough to look at how a new object (or series of new objects) relate to already established stuff without going to test mode, logging out, adjusting, going to test mode again, etc.)

I know this has happened intermittently before, but now it seems consistent. Has anyone else encountered this, and if so, is there any way to fix this?
Yes, but I'm not sure it was ever that consistent. But, there is no telling whether an icon will or will not cover another one now. From my city building experience, this is what I'd recommend: Put every single platform down first so that you have nothing but a big slab to work with. 2. Add buildings. 3. For small details like npcs, use the /loc command and manually edit the xyz.

It's a complete pain, but it's the most efficient way to build a city, given what these icons do to the map preview.