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09-24-2012, 11:53 AM
I'm willing to bet that guy screwed you on purpose. He wasn't there to play; he was there to be a troll and a griefer.

I've never seen anyone do that in the ISEs I've run, but I've seen people aggro the tac cube before the gate is down (that's "fun"), shoot everything except the nanospheres, aggro spheres on top of me (also "fun"), and even one carrier pilot who did no damage whatsoever other than popping someone else's gen then yelled "NOOBS!" and left (we did better once he left, imagine that).

I don't much care if someone blows a gen too early by accident; usually if you're on top of things you can corral the nanite spheres and save the optional. But I don't much care about the optional either. If we get it, that's cool, but there are only three things in that bag. Two team members don't get anything out of it (I'm usually one of them). I'll gladly take my dilithium and my EDCs. If I get salvage or tech, cool. If not, whatever. I'll run it again later.
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