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09-24-2012, 11:00 AM
Cruiser taking on D'direx at the end of this mission:

1. Stay outside 5KM!!! Let me say it again: STAY OUTSIDE TRACTOR RANGE!!!
Beams are good for this. IF your Tac-Boff has Beam Overload, this is a good time to use it.

2. Keep your heals up if you're an engie.

3. Above, or behind, don't let him get you in his front arc.

4. Another good Tac-Boff ability is "Fire at will" for the torp spam. Heavy plasma torps are slow and can therefore be killed with beam range. If you get the shot off before his torp's cleared his sheild, it hurts HIM, not YOU.

5. PSW (what he is using to strip your shield) doesn't work if you're off-plane to the effect, this is reason #1 to stay "Off angles" to him.

6. When (not if) he uses an attack-pattern to get you in his nose arc, or close range, hit "Evasive manuevers" and jink away at off-angles.

7. BE PATIENT. #1 way to get your Heavy Cruiser or Cruiser killed, is to try and rush in like Captain Kirk to close range where he can grab you with his tractors and torp-spam the "I win" button.

The mission's not broken-my first Char. was an engie in (ugh) a cruiser with rainbows and bad console choices-still eventually beat this, but not without figuring out the AI's tendencies.

For a cruiser fitting at that level, go single-type energy with a supporting console that works in the tac slot, shield consoles in the sci slot, and RCS for engineering to get SOME nimbleness. the game is to fence-and-snipe against this guy, don't try to brute your way in because you aren't going to be brute enough to carry it off until you're a lot more experienced as a player, and a lot better equipped as a toon.