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06-10-2009, 04:51 PM
Originally Posted by Pdt_the_confused View Post
FYI from Cryptic_Rekhan:

Q: [18:43] <Pdt_the_confused> Cryptic_Rekhan will you all want some +m muting going on and having questions submitted via PM or will you want an open chat?

A: [18:44] <Cryptic_Rekhan> We'll +m it
[18:44] <Cryptic_Rekhan> folks can go to #talktrek for chatter or something

the IRC channel will be muted so most will not be able to type to the channel.
You will be able to send a message to an intermediary to ask your questions.

Details determined at some later point.
Will the 'Intermediary' be listed in the MOTD?