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Originally Posted by yreodred View Post
It's around for a long time, but it's not a very innovative or good concept to start with.
A concept that doesn't work with Star Trek ships at all, it turns Star Trek ship relations/mechanic upside down.

The only thing about it, it's easy to understand .... i won't go into details i just have to easy my nerves.

OT: Try Attack Pattern Omega when tractored and stay behind your enemy..

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i want to add, that you can have a dedicated tank in sto. on ground and in space. Only thing is, that it works best if it is the healer.
i definitely see a trinity system in this game, it is just obscured and mixed between the classes.

tank/healer and DD/CC, or Tank/CC and DD/healer, or CC/healer and Tank/DD (the last combo is not so reasonable imho, either you deal no dmg, or you won't survive only based on evasion skills)
the 3 roles are there, but mixed.
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