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Originally Posted by ddesjardins View Post
Energy type is really up to you.
  1. Focus on one energy type. The only * to that rule are new phased or polarized original weapons. These come from lock boxes or on the exchange.
  2. Species-unique ships (Klingon, Jem, Cardassian, Ferengi) get unique bonuses for specific energy types.
  3. Pureists like 3 DHC + 1 torp front, turrets for the back. You attack head on, so rear firing torps don't have long term value.
  4. Skills/abilities focus on rapid fire, spread
  5. Armour up with neutronium for broad spectrum coverage PLUS protection from kinetic.
  6. Weapon bonuses - go [Acc] first, x2 at least, x3 when you save up the cash.
All good advice, I'm gonna assume that you'll one day have an interest in PVP so remember to avoid plasma once you hit level 40, everyone is resistant to it thanks to STF shields. Energy AOE's can be a terrible idea in PVP against klinks. I suggest getting mk x [acc]x2 as place holder weapons till you can upgrade to the very expensive mk xi or mk xii ultra rare versions.

A single dual beam bank for Beam overload 3 is not a bad idea and can be a lot of fun but anything less than BO3 is kind of a waste. For a defiant alpha strike build it works well.