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Originally Posted by solarstreak View Post
Saw the TAL character in game, very eye catching. Reminded me of the aliens from Kamino in star wars which were always very imposing, and sleek looking. Nicely done
TY solar I was going for a sleek aquatic look so I guess the comparison fits
Originally Posted by hydaspes View Post
Nice species. And yes, if you want to take it further, you will have to make up Tal lore, maybe set up a website for it?

Why not tie it in with the Preservers? The theory of the 'seeders' or 'preservers' is confirmed both in TOS and TNG (the spread of humanoid live an odd 200 million years ago, or longer ago). There is little information on Memory Alpha, but a lot of information on Memory Beta, where they quote from all Star Trek sources. If you read up on the (sometimes conflicting) Preserver history, I'm sure you are going to find a great number of possibilities to tie the Tal in and give them a solid origin story.

At a few times in ancient history the Preservers had some dealings with mysterious species, maybe the Tal are one of them.
I'll definitly look up the preservers on the wiki, sounds quite interesting, although I wouldn't want to be all 'god mode' with the species . Was also thinking maybe the aliens that sent the vger probe would be interesting? whales + aquatic species? if any other mysterious species pop up on your lemme know.

Originally Posted by yreodred View Post
Finally something creative!
Nice Alien/preserver Species you did here.
STO needs more creative people like you.
I'm tired of those Grenade carrying muscle giants we all see everywhere.

Live long and prosper.

ty although that you mention the muscle giants, I did make a caste variant of the species. maybe they might have a caste system that differs on visual appearance due to genetic coding? I'll post a pic or a video of it at some point
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