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09-24-2012, 04:05 PM
I ran that mission with a friend a few days ago. I was being an @#$ so I decided to let him take on the b-ship whilst I killed the mogai it came with on the team version. Sufficed to say, he is about as experienced as a newborn targ when it comes to fighting. But he beat it. I had to keep on reminding him to use his TT1 and to stop getting in it's forward arc (with lots of yelling and profanity on both ends, gotta love skype) but once he figured out that if you get to the side and rear of the d-deridex, all of a sudden you don't have heavy plasma torps appearing every 3 or 4 seconds.

So your best bet is to keep your distance to avoid getting tractored, stay AWAY from it's forward arc, and remember to keep on shooting down the torps. That's one thing newer players don't learn to do, DESELECT YOUR CURRENT TARGET AND TARGET THE TORPS INSTEAD. That is a MUST HAVE on skills. And HE1 is good to, just in case you do get a plasma fire, and something that is oft overlooked, BRACE FOR IMPACT. That will almost completely neutralize the torp damage as long as your shields are still up. And if your shields are not up, hit evasive maneuvers, get outside of 10k range, and then circle with your shield power at 100 until your shields are back up, then switch back to offensive and do again. The D'deridex is SLOW. So you can get away if you have to to repair.

Btw, if you're having trouble with this enemy, wait until you meet a scimitar. Then you get to have some REAL fun... So I suggest you listen to what these guys are saying, we're used to fighting very strong boss class enemies, and as such our tactics are sound.
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