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09-24-2012, 04:12 PM
Originally Posted by celillarnon View Post
Well, I meant with override off, but that's not my real concern. My real concern is the crashes. Is there any way I can generate a log for you?
I know... i just meant if it works in a Virtual Desktop, you could work-a-round the problem by using Override->Fullscreen perhaps... and not be able to tell the difference while playing in that and a normal full screen.

There is no easy way to get debug info... but you can do some logging.

When you run it from inside Advanced using Test Run it keeps Wine and X11 log files. There are many log channels available for Wine, but its set by default just to show warnings and errors, along with fixme which is just informational about things not 100% complete. Its possible to set it to run TRACE in certain sections to narrow things down... but to the crashing problem which seems graphics related or a possible memory leak, I haven't found a good way to narrow those down, but its not exactly my area of expertise.