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"Good News Everyone"

Welcome to Planet Express!

A friendly and helpful new Federation fleet, willing to help and accept newcomers, and veterans alike.
Join the ranks of our fleet as we build our Starbase, participate in Fleet Actions, and otherwise enjoy the game that is Star Trek: Online

What to Expect:

.A freindly atmosphere

.Help and advice for STF Missions

.Participate in building our Starbase (Participation GRATEFULLY accepted, but not required)

.Providing tips and outer resources for newer players

.Access to the Fleet Bank

.And more.....

We gratefully accept any and all races and/or life forms. Except those of the Klingon Empire, workers from Mom's Friendly Robot Co., and any and all creatures named Lrrr.

To Join TODAY just contact: Nicosayshi or Panthersfan1337 on Steam or Star Trek: Online, And leave a comment here. Friends requests welcome...

So what are You waiting for, start your new occupation at Planet Express TODAY!!!

Disclaimer; Any and all injuries/experiments conducted by Hubert J. Farnsworth are NOT the responsibility of Planet Express of their affiliates. Meaning simply, you can't sue our asses.