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09-24-2012, 07:37 PM
CSE the other day took down all nanite probes center and helped kill guard spawn on right, then killed middle guard spawn solo when someone in a kitty carry explodes on left and begins to rage....

Baddie: 'why no one every help against guard spawns?!?'

So I kill the negvar spawn solo that kilt him and clean up nanites on left. Proceed to kill cube on left and center raptor spawns pretty much solo.

Baddie: 'NOOBS why you kill cube now we loose NOOBs there are still nanites up!!'

So I throw a tac team on Kang (side note why on earth do so few people do this it keeps his butt alive better than anything in the game) mop up raptors and finish middle cube and proceed to assist team in cleaning up the mess on right. Also at this point I notice the baddie can't CC for beans.

Me: 'we are fine stop raging and stop being a baddie'
Baddie: 'I know what i'm doing i've done this like 500 times how many times have you done it?'
Me: 'so you've done this 500 times and still can't kill a neg'var solo and wonder why I call you a baddie? LTP'
Baddie: 'no one can solo a negvar moron'
Me: 'I can. Did it twice this match in fact'

If you are not a top tier player, and by top tier you can check an old thread I made on the subject, shut the frak up and keep the rage to yourself.

Really pathetic thing is I was flying my quantium defiant at the time. Yes I solo neg'vars with a torp boat escort and I consider myself a player of 'average' skill who has no right to rage on his teammates in game.