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09-24-2012, 06:51 PM
A few changes to the cast that i need to update on the bible as support has swept in is as follows:

*The Klingon commander regular is now a sexy, female Klingon voiced by DJ Puddytat of subspace radio.

*Soriedam from Gates of Stovokor is playing her Klingon XO.

*The Romulan XO of Starfinder's name is now Vaihuu.

*There is a new character added.. a female Trill Maco medic, named Corporal Neveera, voiced by DJ Faerie, who this character was raised on earth in Scotland (she the actress has a scottish accent and we decided to use it).

*Pf Dennis of PrimetimeUGC is playing a male ship's Counselor yet to be named.

DJ Jude Connor is now playing the ship's barkeep, "Raffy", a Tellerite.

*I have cast two people who volunteered on this thread, after auditioning, as a secondary Tac office for Starfinder's battle bridge, and the transporter chief.

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