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# 1 Ship Energy Subsystem Feedback
09-24-2012, 07:12 PM
The four subsystems offer a variety of benefits for having a high power level but some are clearly more useful than others. While it may be by design that the weapon subsystem takes priority in combat over all others with the sole exception of torpedo builds or situational occasions I feel it is very limiting. It may also be that the original design did not assume most ships would have 7 weapons on target the majority of the time as well I do not know. The shield subystem effects also scales exponentially whereas engine has diminishing returns and auxiliary has a linear scaling.

Exponential Scaling: If you gain 10 more energy in the subsystem you get a bonus of 2. If you add 20 you gain a bonus of 5, not 4.
Linear Scaling: If you gain 10 more energy in the subsystem you get a bonus of 2. If you add 20 you gain a bonus of 4, like you should.
Diminishing Returns: If you gain 10 more energy in the subsystem you get a bonus of 2. If you add 20 you gain a bonus of 3, not 4.

Weapon Subsystem: This is the number one priority the majority of the time. Maxing it at 125 or even higher in the case of the beam array when the overflow helps depending upon the latest patch and phase of the moon. This is due to a variety of reasons from DPS being the most important to just how much potential damage is lost from multiple weapons firing at less than maximum power unlike other similar game mechanics.
Suggestion A: Change how the bonus damage is granted and organize it in tiers. Right now you gain a 2% damage bonus per point for a total of +150% damage. I would suggest that from 50-75 you gain 3% per point, 75-100 2% and 100-125 1%. While this would look like a diminishing returns setup during actual play it would be much more linear than the current system.
Suggestion B: Change how firing multiple weapons works. Instead of draining system energy levels have them apply a basic damage debuff to weapons so it has a linear effect on damage.

Shield Subsystem: The number two priority and for good reason. Shields keep you alive, shield resist and regeneration keep your shields up. The problem is how it scales with itself. The higher your shield resist is the more raw damage it takes to do the same amount of real damage to your shield increasing the effectiveness of a higher regeneration amount.
Suggestion: Move shield regeneration bonus to the auxiliary subsystem and possibly change a few boff abilities to be effected by shield subsystem power level instead of auxiliary such as feedback pulse and shield modulation ability (?).

Engine Subsystem: Grants bonus defense which caps out at a specific point and also increases maximum speed and turn rate slightly. Many players keep it just high enough to get the defense bonus and then ignore it.
Suggestion: Some boff abilities should be effected by this, such as attack patterns and/or eject warp plasma. It should also add a small amount of speed (above 50 power) when your held like the [Aux] mod on engines. And possibly suggestion A and/or B.
Suggestion A: Increase the turn rate modifier.
Suggestion B: Rework the defense bonus so it does not cap until 125 power instead of being based on ship speed.

Auxiliary Subsystem: Increases the effectiveness of various boff abilities primarily science and healing. Sadly though unless your flying a torpedo boat it is difficult to justify having a high amount of power in this subsystem after feeding the other three.
Suggestion: As stated in the shield subystem allow it to increase shield regeneration rate. In addition it should add a small amount of hull resistance such as 25 at 125 power making it a better option.

I really think that would make all of the subsystems important and useful depending on your build and ship used.