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Originally Posted by tjexcimer500 View Post
Thank you for all the posts regarding this problem. My fleet games once a week (Saturday nights) and one member couldn't log in due to this.

So we checked the blacklist link posted two messages up (and even my IP address was on 4 of those) and then had him change his IP address.

You do not have to call your internet provider to change your non-static IP address (if it's static, then I assume you must).

Instead you can log into your cable router (which connects to your cable modem) by the http address:

This is usually the local address for your router (unless you changed it).
You'll need to log into your router using the account name/password that either you set or is the default for your cable router's brand (go to your router's website or google it).

Then you need to find the page which states your IP address, gateway, etc... (for my Linksys/Cisco router it is located on the Status tab). Release your IP address, then obtain a new one (renew). This usually resets your address to a different one.

This worked for my teammate's problem which was giving the same error as noted in this thread. Thanks again for all the posts, which helped us get him back online!
Good luck.
I don't have a router. It's just a coax cable comes out of the wall to my cable modem, and then another cable to the back of my computer.

(I'm actually somewhat more knowledgeable than the above makes me sound, I'm just keeping it simple)