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Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
If the pivot can not be fixed becuase the design is set and a 5th forward weapon is not possible then an increase in Hull, shields and a 5th tactical consoles lot would be fine by me.
Hull and shield point boost is unlikely to happen, recall it being said during the season 6 development that raptors already have a lot of hit points by a dev when questioned about the fleet ships. The 5th tac console would be nice tho.

As I see it, they have a few options in correcting the turn issue for the Qin model in particular:

First, realign it correctly on it's current flight mesh.

Second, adjust the turn rate of it's current flight mesh to a slightly higher value to being it in line with what it's reported to have, this may have long term issues tho and should only be a "last resort" fix of the issue.

Third, take the model off it's current flight mesh, and line it up on to the patrol escort flight mesh, this could possibly take more resources as it would need testing to get the correct alignment and tweaks as well as more coding than I feel should be needed.

And lastly, build a raptor only flight mesh to put the raptor models onto, this last option would be the most time intensive of all, which would cost the most, with a possible little to no income for it.

I think that by fixing this issue on the level 40 Qin will translate over to the Fleet Qin, or at least would hope it did, which may cause the people that like the models of the Raptors to consider purchasing the stronger (on paper) Fleet Qin Raptor from the fleet store. I know that I would be strongly tempted to move my main KDF tac captain from the lvl 40 BoP across to the Fleet Qin. But with the way things are now, i'll just keep waiting till my fleet gets to the t5 shipyard for my sci captain to get the fleet vo'quv carrier.

I didn't screen shot the fact I was KDF fighting klingons, I screen shot a K't'inga Refit battle cruiser being called a "House Of Torg Raptor Escort" and then within 5 minutes taking the 3rd screen shot showing a Qorgh Raptor called "House Of Torg Raptor Escort".

I admit, I should have added arrows and such to the screen shots, but did not wish to enter the whole "you modded that, it's not true" argument. And yes, I did also log in to confirm I had the correct names of the ship models seen in the screen shots I posted.