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# 3 Hopeless about KDF
09-24-2012, 10:22 PM
To be honest. I really wish Stahl and that chinese company listen to you and access your request. But I don't believe they would. I already lost any hope, Stahl, cryptic and this chinese company would do anything for klings.
Stahl doesn't care about Kling.
Cryptic devs have not any power to decide.
This Chinese company (I don't know its name) doesn't respect Star Trek univers, and it has not any respect for the Star Trek univers nor for the trekkies who play sto neither. They only focus how to make money faster. To make money they are able to mixe heroic fantasy game and racing car game with sto game. I wouldn't be surprise to find nascar racing in sto for season 8... So then I'm hopeless.