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09-25-2012, 04:38 AM
I believe one of the devs said the only way a Borg faction would be implemented by Cryptic is to have Borg players unable to control their characters. The characters would run on automatic and all a player could do is sit back and watch their character assimilate stuff. Since that's how the Borg collective works.

And no, there should not be a Borg faction that has drones with individuality. That would make them cease to be the Borg. If you love the Borg, go play Armada again. They should only be played at the God/4x level because that's what it is to be Borg. The Borg is a single entity. Each cube, sphere, probe, and even drone is just an appendage of a giant superorganism.

Remember what Q said when the Borg were introduced?

"The Borg is the ultimate user."

They should have stuck with that verb for the Borg because it defines them perfectly. A playable Borg faction would ruin the Borg. And I'm sorry op, but what you want is less important than what is good for the Borg, less important than what is good for this game, and far less important than what is good for Star Trek in general.