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09-25-2012, 07:23 AM
Let me start off with saying I agree with the general topic. The subsystem power mechanic as it is now doesn't offer too much variation.

But you've missed at least two points:
a) AUX is a lot better than you make it seem to be. Since shield absorption modifiers from different effects work multiplicatively, a ship running with STF-shield, EPtS and/or TSS actually benefits a lot less from higher shield power than from higher AUX, the shield power damage reduction only makes a very small difference after all the other reductions while the boost to your shield heals from AUX is quite considerable. Running both EPtS and TSS, shield power is actually more of a non-issue, while higher AUX becomes a lot more valuable.
Shield and AUX balance differs with builds, and actually differs with situations, too.
this point is flawed, see Edit below

b) You have four presets for energy settings for a reason. There are actually situations where switching between them will save you from destruction, and they're quite common in endgame situations (Fleet Events, STFs, PvP).
The simple truth: Sometimes you need to run! Sometimes you need to heal up, either yourself or an ally, or even an NPC. Running prevents deaths, healing teammates prevents their deaths (sometimes, and sometimes it's not worth to save them, but ... generally at least ), and healing NPCs can save objectives.
To survive when you pulled too much aggro at once, transfering power to engines/shield/aux becomes important. To heal, AUX becomes important.

It's just that we, the players, are often too lazy to actually make use of the options we have, especially when zerking down some STF works just as well, or at least: well enough. If we are honest though, a lot of times our runs would be smoother if we actually used the ability to switch power settings, and made use of Running and Healing ...
And as soon as we did do so, the different power subsystems all start to get a lot closer in importance, and the different presets would see more use.
There's just too little content that actually forces us to do so.
Even PvP doesn't help here, since it's currently just an enthusiast's niche, with little to gain from, and occuring very, very sporadically for the more casual crowd without access to premade/scheduled fights.

Edit: a) is actually wrong, as shown by bareel in the following posts. I mistakenly assumed EPtX scaled with AUX, which it doesn't - which makes the shield regeneration and damage reduction from high shield power out-perform the increase from TSS.

It DOES effect HE though, as it does effect most other Sci and Eng powers, and it does reduce hangar bay recharge timers, so it's still not entirely useless, at least for Sci- and Eng-based ships. Just less valuable than I argued.

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