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09-25-2012, 08:03 AM
Originally Posted by diogene0 View Post
I'm relieved that these ships aren't the 1000 day vet rewards. I won't have to sub for more than 3 years to get that stuff!

It's a bit weird to put 4 ships at the same time in the lockbox system. Now I'm a bit worried about the game's financial health. Is it that bad?

You know, these lockbox ships aren't that expensive if you play smart. I'm going to give you a way to get them without spending tons of money on it, and this advice is given by someone owning more than 600-700M ECs (currency and investments) and who didn't sell any c-store item. Buy 20-30 keys from the store today, there's a sale. The day the lockboxes will be released these keys should be worth 2M or so. Post them a few hours after the update (US prime time if possible, because you guys are far less reasonable than us europeans about gambling), you should be able to sell them at this price, but don't wait if you see that the price doesn't go above 1.8 or 1.9M, it's a single shot opportunity. Wait a few weeks. Since the lockbox ship is a science one, and since the previous ship was a science one too, the prices should be between 40-60M, depending on the stats. You should have the money to buy it, for the price of a regular c-store ship. The box is cross-faction, so you won't have a ridiculous KDF price.

Now if you do this please don't tell your friends, fleet, etc. I'm ok to share some exchange tricks with a handfull of forum-addicts but if you share it people will start doing this massively and you'll never be able to buy it for the price I mentionned. One of the rules of acquisition should be: never share your knowledge because it's the source of the biggest profits.
Thanks for these investment strategies, diogene0.=) I will consider this approach.

Like Roach, I would still prefer the C-Store approach however.

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