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09-25-2012, 09:10 AM
Originally Posted by gradstudent1 View Post
Dear Devs and Community,

I am pleased that the devs have decided to offer a truly Klingon science ship to us. The name, Korath, is charmingly canonical, even though Korath was an honorless Tod'Sah! I only hope that the ship's stats will live up to its very cool design and will truly give us a competitive science ship.

The only thing on my wishlist is that the ship could be offered both in the lockbox and in the C-store. I enjoy playing the lock boxes and anticipate that this particular box will be wildly successful, esp. given the other cool items being offered (great work devs!). But when it comes to ships, and especially one that I think the KDF really needs (a KDF science), I would also appreciate the option to just pay outright for it. Plus, from my perspective as a player, buying a KDF item directly seems to cast a stronger vote of support for the KDF than simply buy lockbox keys, which are faction neutral.

On a more personal note, Warrior's Way is also planning on doing some kind of ship review (exact format undetermined [radio interview on Priority 1, blog review, etc.?]). And I would very much like to fly the ship before I review it. If it were offered in C-Store, I could test it guaranteed; in lockbox, nothing is certain.

My Proposal: Offer the ship in both venues--C-Store and Lockbox for those of us who would rather not play the lottery.

What do my fellow KDF players think? Good idea? Bad idea?

I agree lockboxes are rip off.

And we arent feds that got the luxury of buying many ships from Z store.

We miss many many ships and this ship should be availiable in Z store along with lockboxes.