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Originally Posted by majesticmsfc View Post
I recently while gathering Lobi managed to get a Tholian Orb Weaver, after over 250+ lockboxes (including Cardassian and Ferengi ones mind you), just goes to show how against you the odds really are.
Sounds about right. After the lockbox update, I emptied out my Account bank (with an extra 10 slots) of full stacks of various lockboxes to Lobi farm and equip my freighter (purchased with EC) with a Ferengi set... and got 3 or 4 Mirror Battlecruisers, but no rare ships.

I have to add - I only got four boxes with large Lobi contents (I think they were each 30?), the rest were either 4 or 5, about 4.5 on average not including the 4 outliers.

So when looking at the Mirror Timeship on the Lobi store, divide any item in there by 4.5 to get an idea of just how many boxes you will have to open to get it... unless you are very lucky.

Here's hoping it isn't an 800 Lobi ship.
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