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09-25-2012, 09:10 AM
Originally Posted by zer0niusrex View Post
Assuming you mean Khitomer Accord ground, QA is looking at a potential resolution for that soon.
Its tied to the engineer kit changes.

Take an engineer to a point where the borg should spawn but aren't.

Put a turret down.

If the DOFF for the turret kicks in and it spawns more than 1, the borg spawn along with it. Always. If its just 1 turret they dont spawn.

But it gets better...

If you drop just 1 turret.. and SWAP the kit... and drop a generator...

the borg spawn. For a second or two then vanish.

So it seems to me that when the engineer kit swap-prevention code was put in it did something to the 'spawn' triggers that rely on one npc spawning which 100% of the times trigger the spawning of other NPC's near it.

This is also seen in some ground missions where npcs actually spawn stuff of their own... if you swap the kit or get the doff to kick in and drop extra stuff the npc suddenly stops being able to spawn his own stuff. The tholian mission boss is a good example of it... it wont spawn crystals from the ground if you swap-kit and get the doff trigger.

So.. tell the devs to return engineer kits to how they were. Its much less aggravating.