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I believe one of the devs said the only way a Borg faction would be implemented by Cryptic is to have Borg players unable to control their characters. The characters would run on automatic and all a player could do is sit back and watch their character assimilate stuff. Since that's how the Borg collective works.

That's actually not completly true. The borg are a collective that are controlled by the 'Queen' or by single Borg's that aren't part of the 'drones' like 'seven of nine', her parents, loctus of borg. The idea is not play as a drone but as the the Borg designations that they use to order the drones.

Anyway like been trying to say earlier the Queen would send out reports from different Borg drones, maybe temp alliances hails involving the federation, then she could want to make choices like deciding if a race is worth assimilating, bringing into the ship collective. Depending on the invasions you want to do, depend on what type of crew you have, what sort of powers your ship can use.

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