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These are all good points. Still, I am not entirely sure we can reconstruct the decision-making process so cleanly on this end of the decision. We simply don't have enough data, and with the great success of the Tholian Lock Box it would come as no surprise to see the devs begin to put higher value items (i.e., ships with consoles, and even faction-specific ships) into the Lock Box. They may be riding a wave here.

So perhaps we are seeing a new trend in lock box sales, one which may have been present from the very beginning of the deisng of the Wells/Korath. Or perhaps, as you suggest, they were originally C-store ships. We don't have enough evidence to say either way.
It is not hard to deconstruct what happened given the evidence present.

What sold the Tholian boxes: Set combo. The rush to get the web console into the ship that best made use of it: recluse. Double set combo: Recluse combo with its fighters works best when the web is active.

The timeships were already planned and being worked on before the tholian stuff came out. Its a basic part of any development cycle.

Seeing the unique console and the faction-specific of the timeships puts them right on into them having been slotted as store ships from the start. Stahl in interviews mentioned new ships coming to the store when he was discussing the Wells class.

The mirror variants show all the elements of a lockbox ship. The previous mirror ships were rather popular albeit not highly valued since they weren't any better than existing ships however so for the timeships they were given uniqueness via being alternatives to the main store ships (wells/korath). A real reason to get them via lockbox.

It is clear that seeing the success of the tholian 'set' frenzy running up the sale of keys they decided to move all these ships into lockbox and ride the cash wave. They added the extra 'set' powers of combining the mirror and the real ships plus the lobi items combo set to drive up the sales.

Furthermore, there were only two other ships the devs have mentioned in the past as 'coming up' : the andorian warship and the Vesta.

The Andorian as mentioned long ago was to be a store ship. Now however it very likely will be another lockbox ship. Vesta we were not told yet what it would be but given the mythos and hype surrounding it being 'special' its likely slotted to be the 1000 day vet reward.

...unless of course that (and it is now HIGHLY likely) that seeing how they now turned cstore ships into lockboxes the devs may instead give another turd-flinging monkey pet as the 1000 day reward (will this one just be BIG and cover the entire hallway of DS9?) and put the Vesta as a super-low chance lockbox ship. After all, they make more money out of a single ship being lockbox than out of the few hundred people that still pay for this game 3 years straight..or had the misfortune of buying the lifetime offer right before F2P patch.