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09-25-2012, 10:25 AM
The big thing I had to learn to get over the hump as far as combat in STO was using my skills. You should use every new skill you get, figure out what it does. Also, group them on the skill palette so that they make sense in where they are on your keyboard. For example: 3, 6 and 9 aren't together on the skill tray, but on the keyboard's number pad they are. I use those three (with the Ctrl key) to trigger AP Alpha, Tac Team, and AP Omega. Basically, all damage buffs (plus other effects), right in a row.

As I come into range on a target, I trigger them all, plus Cannon Rapid Fire. CRF pounds out their shields, then I sink a Torpedo High Yield into them. If CRF didn't take down the shield facing, I spin around and hit them with a Beam Overload from a rear beam array, then use High Yield from the rear launcher. I honestly don't have to think too tactically anymore, even with a D'Deridex, since my first pass will cripple or destroy just about any standard single player boss on Normal difficulty.

Is it the best setup ever? Probably not. I've certainly gotten grief from people about using rear beam arrays instead of turrets on an escort. My Boff layout probably doesn't fit the "gold standard" either. But whatever, I like it this way, and I'm not trying to compete in PvP.

So, you can play around with your setup, and the more experience you have the better you'll be able to do that. On your first character, as you're learning the game, you should probably stick to what's established and works. Follow a successful published build for your captain's skills (especially since respeccing a horribly botched skill tree will cost you real money). After you've been max level for a while, if you want to respec your captain or fool around with a second character, you'll be in a much better position to do so. You'll actually understand what everything does and how your decisions affect things.