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Originally Posted by z0gra View Post
i have said it 100 times.

The the low KDF population is caused because you dont allow players to roll kdf from lvl 1!

Ppl will lvl up federation and stick to federation only because they wherent allowed to create a KDF char from the start.

KDF is a nice faction is got many fans and many of them are fanatic KDF fans only.

Allow KDF to truly shine by allowing players to create a kdf char from lvl 1, despite the lack of content they can still lvl up to 50 if they do all storylines and some stfs at lvl 40.

I help ppl lvl up their KDF toon also i give them advice on what ships they should buy what consoles and how to fit them.

I do this because i love KDF there are others as fanatic as me that help new KDF players enjoy their KDF experience.

Dont let our work done in vain allow new players to access KDF faction from lvl 1 and KDF community will make sure those new players are having fun and maybe spent some money on KDF side also.

I help everyone as long as its playing KDF and needs my help.

Just contact me in game if you need any help or advice with ur KDF char.

My idea/plan is more of a stop-gap measure to build up some critical mass - at the current amount of KDF players Cryptic will most likely NEVER add lvls 1 to 20+

But without some immediate notification that a new player can start a KDF character, most will continue down the Fed path where they will stay for the rest of the game (ie "Working as Intended")

There is only ONE reason not to do this( becasue as with promotions and Foundry pop-ups it is so simple to code it) and that reason is that they WANT most players to continue down the FED path and stay there - that is the ONLY reason not to do this.

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