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09-25-2012, 11:51 AM
Oh, also, 7 ability slots for a sci player are not that much, exp if you introduce counters.

Some current abilities are partially designed to do some countering, as science team and polarize hull, but this seems more as a try to cover a design flaw than a correct approach.

Given this, 7 ability slots (8 if you play some exotic sci ship) are really too few. The solution might simply be the ability to switch in bridge officers even during combat. Of course, you WON'T do that while taking fire, but as you see how the scenario, or the other team, is built, you might want to switch to a secondary strategy you prepared in advance were your build totally off-topic in the current scenario.

This would be a great benefit for sci players, who are searching a more planned and deeply thought game approach, without absolutely altering the game balance.

The ability to switch officers in combat might be restricted to sci careers, to sci ships with any career on, or simply free for all; however, being able to reconfigure your strategy while in a scenario, both because a different target comes into play (with phases where you're supposed to hit hard and phases where you're supposed to defend or block), or simply as you recognize that you messed up your strategy, is a really interesting possibility, which costs nothing in terms of development and doesn't hurt the game balance in any way.

And ... how many times we see officers switching their place on the bridge in ST movies/series?