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Originally Posted by baudl View Post
i want to add, that you can have a dedicated tank in sto. on ground and in space. Only thing is, that it works best if it is the healer.
i definitely see a trinity system in this game, it is just obscured and mixed between the classes.

tank/healer and DD/CC, or Tank/CC and DD/healer, or CC/healer and Tank/DD (the last combo is not so reasonable imho, either you deal no dmg, or you won't survive only based on evasion skills)
the 3 roles are there, but mixed.
tank/dd: armitage, about the only ship fed side that has enough slots for heals and can mount cannons.
all the rest are klingon, bortas'qu, negh'var...bop can shield tank but not really an ideal role for it as bleed through can cause issues. all require a tac though for serious damage, sci a close second.

won't mention anything on topic as everything has been covered already...the battleships really aren't that hard unless you think you can go in guns blazing like everything else up to that point. they will quickly teach you the error of your ways ^_^