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09-25-2012, 12:10 PM
I don?t like lock box content because the very practice of offering lottery virtual items as a revenue stream is an un-ethical business practice. It does not matter that these lottery items offer you a loser prize; a prize for losing that is nowhere near the value of $1.25 USD. If anything, the fact that they offer loser prizes has delayed legal action in the EU and USA. Delayed? nothing more!

Personally, I strongly believe that they would do much better offering the lock box content through the Cryptic Store for a limited time offer purchase, with a limited quantity of the ultra-rare ships. It would be best if these ultra-rare ships were account wide un-locks.
If this lock box content was handled in this way it would be fair. It would also drive Zen Sales because the content would be limited time and limited offer. Just like in a real capitalism!!!

As it is now? it is an un-ethical practice. It favors the very wealthy players, wealth does not have to necessarily mean real life wealth and it causes real world anger with the company from its consumer and fan base.

In fact, I myself will never recommend a Cryptic Studio game again; at least, not as long as these lottery revenue systems are a main-stay for the best gear and loot in the game!