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09-25-2012, 01:18 PM
A bit of an odd comment, why would you remove content from any game? The patrols I did on my main character, I liked them, they were fun and a decent XP source but nothing else. Most of them weren't too repetitive either.

Adding more patrols to the KDF (not the excess we see in Fed mind you) is an acceptable way to provide moderate quality cheap content. Repeating this for future mini-factions would lessen the cost of introduction.

I like the idea of sub-factions on sides, split alliances, etc. Adding any race is resource intensive but that is a good way to do it given the wide range of content in the game.

One thing I never seem to hear or be brought up is the never ending stream of bugs being brought into the game. There are zones like Defera you are literally playing around bugs that never get fixed, episodes broken and bugged for ages, and so many issues from the S6 introduction still un-resolved its a crime. Why is there no priority on this? Player retention = money, nothing drives players away faster than endless bugs.
Serious work needs to be done on QA for STO, and pushing serious known bugs through to live should be forbidden. Most MMOs will patch test then hold the patch until those issues are resolved; you can't test for 2 days, ignore feedback and push to live, you will lose players steadily.