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Work harder!

I head up Risa Defense Force, an admittedly small but fun-loving group of players in STO. Whether it be STFs, PvE, PvP, or whatever your need or desire, we welcome all players of all kinds of play styles and play choices.

We're a group of "9-5"ers. Some of us are college students, others have jobs. We may not be on all day, but when we get home and settled down from the business of life we play like we haven't been on all week. Thus our choice of motto ("Work hard, play harder!") and our name: for us, STO is our Risa, where we can sit back, relax, and enjoy all STO has for us.

As such, there are no requirements at RDF. No mandatory fleet meetings (though participation and opinions are encouraged and welcomed), no required Starbase donation minimum, no PvE/STF requirements. You get on, you play the game the way you wish, donate as you can/want, and enjoy some nice company in the process with no stresses about getting kicked for "not doing your part" or anything like that.

Don't let "Risa" being in the name or our philosophy fool you when it comes to our game skill. We have members who are specialized in STFs, PvP, and PvE. We are a Defense Force, ready for any action that comes our way! If you're good at STFs, great! If not, our members can help you get set up and run you through the various missions. The same goes for PvP and PvE.

We have a website: The webpage will be our home for news, updates, fleet rules, and fleet structure. (Anyone in RDF can answer those questions for you if you're online, as well).

If you'd like to ask more questions, PM me here or in-game at Joe@entnx00.

Enjoy the game however you see fit. And remember, work hard and play harder!

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