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Originally Posted by elandarksky View Post
Im guessing its one of those 'people are stupid' kinda thing

Guess s/he was thinking 100 keys will guarantee something based of LUCK, and got butt hurt when they didn't get it.

I myself decided after hording 7000z points i'd just give it a go, on my second to last, got a tholian sci ship, then got another 40 keys or so, for the carrier . (All from my hard earned DILITHIUM)

The truly funny thing? if that person sold their keys for 1mil a piece, (100 keys...) they could have BOUGHT the silly ship they wanted and had 20-30mil to spare
Guess what I won a D'Kora and a Galor off 100 keys last night, and afterwards had enough Lobi to buy the Recluse and the Widow Fighter And I still have +-300 Lobi

Not suggesting that anyone does what I did, as in previous times I got nothing. Ranted a bit. Bought the damn Jemmy for 150 mil and now own all the Lockbox ships

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