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Originally Posted by postal639 View Post
Thank you so much for the info. I have it setup now, but it won't complete. I got the Grant Dialogue window figured out I think. I select cryptic maps, I drag dialog with contact, select a character on a map, enter a few words like "hi, how are you?", and it seems to be ok. But when I go to test it it doesn't seem to actually finish. The name of the mission remains in the mission list as if there was something else to do.

Am I missing a window that goes after the "Task-dialog with contact?"

I had the same problem with a push the button type task at a console.

Really want to nail this before I start creating more complicated stuff.

Thanks for your time.
I just tested talking to DJ and the mission finished. You're not actually on ESD. You're in the Foundry's test version when you playtest the map. The name of the mission you are testing will always be listed in that spot, even after the mission is resolved.

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