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That's actually not completly true. The borg are a collective that are controlled by the 'Queen' or by single Borg's that aren't part of the 'drones' like 'seven of nine', her parents, loctus of borg. The idea is not play as a drone but as the the Borg designations that they use to order the drones.
Nope, you're wrong. The Borg are a collective and the Queen is the personification of that collective. She does not control the Borg, she is the Borg using a single female voice. Remember what the queen said in "First Contact"?

"You imply a disparity where none exists. I am the collective."

The Borg "designations" you speak of like the Queen or Locutus or 7 of 9 are actually controlled by the will of the collective. All their actions are compelled by the will of the collective and they cannot do otherwise. They are also the voice of the collective.

So no, you can't play as one of them and still have free will. They are not separate from the other drones. They just seem separate because they speak with their own voices and you mistakenly assume that means they have free will.

Keep persisting if you like, but know that you will never have this your way. No Borg for you.

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