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09-25-2012, 03:50 PM
I have completed this with 3 people. We set up turrets in corners, placed mines and transbombs, had our drones transport to the control room etc etc. That is where the borg are sent when they disappear. Once the forcefield is down, the second part of the map is fine/normal. Then the boss at the end will disappear and go to the control room as well. Go there (be ready to kill him and his minions at once) and you can complete it. It seems to depend though on who you have on your team and if they can get their drones/sec teams to glitch into the room and kill them while you kill the borg when they teleport back. I have only managed to do this once, because noone wants to stay for an hour just to move past the forcefield.

Also noticed that if you stand close to a wall and place a cover shield up while you are facing it, you will teleport back to the beginning of the map.

With that said.. It has been broken (KGE) for six days now. Why do we not see a notice when we log into the game that the devs are working on it, or even acknowledging it. I only see it mentioned slightly here on the forums. We go to STF's why? For fun yes, but to get items in order to become stronger, and therefore have more fun playing STF's. We also want to be equipped enough to teach our fleet members how to run STF's. There are not that many things to do in this game at level 50 as it is, and I would think this would be a major issue. One that we should not have to wait so long to be fixed. Honestly out of the 8 mmo's I've played, I have never seen so many things broken to the point that you cannot even complete them. If you needed to take the server down for a day instead of a few hours, that would be fine. But not informing the players on the launcher or in game comes off to me as not really being very interested. (yet the next lockbox promo is up!) I will be rethinking purchasing lifetime.