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Originally Posted by drkfrontiers View Post
I'm really disappointed that there are no c-store ships anymore. I can't afford this Lockbox madness anymore.

Every Lockbox ship seems more insanely "must have" for PvP competitiveness, that I just shake my head.
Hm not really. The Galor and the D'kora remain pretty good pvp ships. They might have no special console but a good photonic displacement (currently worth 2m on the exchange) is enough and will turn any KDF ship into a deadly stealth machine. That's simple, I've bought a pack for every single char I have.

The Orb and the Recluse are also decent pvp ships but their consoles are pretty disappointing. I've tested both and they aren't really pvp oriented.

Now i'm not sure how these timeships work. There are still many unknown factors: Cooldowns, durations, AoE, etc. They might not be a "must have" either. They'll be great pvp ships but I'm not sure any other lockbox ship can't be competitive if it's properly fitted.

Anyway, the most interesting ship is the lobi one, and cryptic said lobi ships should stay forever (forever = at least 3-4 months here), so you'll have plenty of time to earn some energy credits, even without farming them. Anyone can make 60-70M in 4-5 months selling STF loots, prosthetics from defera, reward boxes from nukara, etc. Just sell everything you find, I made my very first millions this way and got a galor while I was still a noob about EC grabbing a few months ago. Keep hope! You CAN get these ships without spending any real money in the game if you don't want to, it just takes time. But at least it'll give you a goal to play the game.

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