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ah, was trying to remember what thread had that post so i could mention it there. the exact shield mod of the cheyenne is 1.10595, that would be more closely rounded to 1.11, maybe i posted it wrong in that other thread. with the cheyennes mod, i predict the Olympic proboly has the highest shield mod in the game
Okie dokie.

Confirmed as "better than listed":
  • Fleet escort retrofit (Saber), about 0.96 shield mod (0.77 listed)
  • Fleet K't'inga battlecruiser retrofit, about 1.07 shield mod (0.94 listed)
  • Somraw raptor retrofit, about 0.8 shield mod (0.65 listed)
  • Fleet Somraw raptor retrofit, about 0.93 shield mod (0.71 listed)
  • Fleet Heavy cruiser retrofit (Cheyenne), about 1.11 shield mod (0.94 listed)

Yet unknown:
  • K't'inga battlecruiser retrofit, listed at 0.85
  • Heavy cruiser retrofit (Cheyenne) listed at the same 0.85
  • (Fleet) Science vessel retrofit (Nova) listed at (1.11 for Fleet) 1.01
  • (Fleet) Research science vessel retrofit (Olympic) listed at (1.22 for Fleet) 1.1
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