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The very fist mission Star Trek Online sends me to - Stranded in Space - seems to have some VERY serious NPC positioning problems. Immediately upon teleporting into the stricken ship, my entire security team disappeared and reappeared back on the teleporter pad of my own ship and enemies would disappear randomly, but still show up on the map. Most damaging of all, however, is Captain Brott, whom I need to speak with. After much searching, I found her stuck inside the wall of the ship. I can click on her, but I can't speak with her.

Is there any way to reset the mission so I can retry it? I tried logging out and back in, but the game remembers my progress and sends me back to the bugged spot with the captain stuck in a wall. Is there any way to force the game to run /stuck on an NPC? Or possibly some way to speak with an NPC I can target but don't have direct line of sight of?

Because as of right now, I like STO, but this is a REALLY bad first impression. And as a Free player, I'm pretty sure I can't call Support to come unstick the captain.