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09-25-2012, 06:39 PM
Hi im trying to *make* my Alien Character based on Xyrillian but based on the Alien editor it seems not possible.

This is my Favorit Episode of the new *old* Enterprise cause its the first Time i liked an Female Alien casue she had some Mysterius Cuteness (or maybe it was just the Actress i liked?^^).

TNG Female Aliens i cant remeber anymore so there dont seems to be any cute^^.
TOS had much Topmodels but all looked to Human .

So im asking have Cryptic the Copyrights to add Male/Female Xyrillian cause of them the Federation and Klingons got their Holodeck Technology.

Female Xyrillian

Male Xyrillian

In Startrek Lore they arent Really known but the Game needs to Grow on Races.