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09-25-2012, 05:59 PM
Originally Posted by latiasracer View Post

Now, let me get started with something positive. First of Cryptic, i love the latest promotion. Re-ordering the old lockboxes & upping their lobi count is a superb idea, not to mention having the Master Keys at a cut price - Is fantastic.

And now on to the complaining. Cryptic have actually listened to an extent (They can't do everything we ask, due to CBS's restrictions, And personally the idea of having Uber-rare ships is cool), the need/greed has been removed from lockboxes, and the chance of getting that sexy-ass D'kora (and the other ships, but they are not important!) has risen, which is brilliant for people like me.

Now, heres the bit that really gets me. "Ermagerd, i opened 100 lockboxes and got nothing!!! I hate this game!!!" - Random Facebook Commenter

What the f***? 1.) Im 17. I don't have that much money. Everytime a new lockbox comes out, i will get a 10 pack of keys, and open 10. If i don't get what i want, oh well. That works out as ?7 for me, every 2 or so months which is nothing on the ?60ish a month i earn. Why on earth (if you hate gambling and lockboxes so much) would you spend so much damn money on them? It's crazy! First off, they are not compulsory, if anything they are funding the game, keeping it alive, and getting new content added to it. (I Can't speak on behalf of KDF Players, as i prefer FED - But i'm aware you are slightly ignored in the content department) and 2.) Don't like them? DON'T BUY KEYS FOR THEM THEN. RIGHT CLICK AND "DISCARD ALL" Not that difficult.

Thank you Cryptic and Perfect world for a fantastic game, and it's bound to get better and better as time goes on. I'll continue to make microtransactions as and when something cool arises that i like, It's mine. Good job guys.

Good post, I suspect that most of the LOUD protests over lockboxes are, just poor losers sounding off.

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