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09-25-2012, 09:21 PM
However, from what I observe, the LOUDEST complainers essentially blame Cryptic for what amounts to a gambling addiction they have no inclination of even TRYING to contain or curb. They usually swear off lockboxes for all eternity... and then buy 200+ keys every time one comes out, rinse, repeat. Every. Time.
you have nothing to say. nothing whatsoever. all you are doing here is lying and insulting people and acting as an apologist.

In what way is this an un-ethical practice???
is that a serious question? this has been discussed dozens upon dozens of times

lets start with the fact that they do not disclose the odds. lets also add in the fact that according to california state law this amounts to gambling, and its being encouraged for minors to participate. lets also add in there the offensive comments a certain dev made about being investigated, lets also add in there the fact that they are being investigated in at least two countries for unlawful business practices

Show me proof that anyone is making any attempt to start legal action against Cryptic
you mean like two countries investigating them for illegal activities? as it stands right now, anyone does have grounds to file such action, if they wanted to. however their gain would only be the money they paid into it back, which normally would be far less than they would pay in legal costs. thats why no individual person has filed such a suit

Favors the very wealthy players? Would this be players buying the ships for easy to get EC off the exchange?
your statement makes no sense. everything there is limited in number and in the hundreds of millions of credits when it is available. not everyone has that kind of money lying around. and that still doesn't counter the fact that this setup does in fact favor those with money

How about it causes real world anger from a subset of the companies consumer and fan base, because its obviously very popular over all or Cryptic wouldn't keep bringing it back?
that is circular logic

Good post, I suspect that most of the LOUD protests over lockboxes are, just poor losers sounding off.
how about you stop insulting people